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Nourish Your Workforce with Good Food

Nutritious meals placed on our easy-to-use platform, made from your local favorites, and delivered to your office on time and ready to eat.

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How It Works

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Choose your lunch for today and order ahead for weeks ahead

Candid shot of hands skillfully folding a freshly-stuffed taco.

Your favorite local chefs prepare your team's personalized meals

Healthy sandwich, neatly cut in half, presented on a plate showcasing its wholesome fillings.

Your food arrives individually labeled and ready to be devoured

Why Employees Love It

Chopsticks delicately holding a delicious sushi roll, showcasing its vibrant and fresh ingredients.

Lunch from their favorite restaurants


Each person gets their own personalized lunch


Meals arrive on time (we have our own delivery system)

Why Employers Love It


Invite participants once and we'll do all the rest


Set stipends, manage orders, and get delivery notices seamlessly


Consistent quality meals lead to happier, more productive teams

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Why Restaurants Love It

Chef's hands using a knife to slice fresh jalapeño on a cutting board.

Tap into large networks of corporate workforce who place steady, recurring orders


Leverage our simple-to-use order platform


Industry low commission from each order


How do you select the restaurants you partner with?

Quality, Sustainability, and variety are essential for us. Each restaurant is handpicked based on their food quality, reputation, and diversity of offerings. This ensures our customers always have top-notch choices.

Is Colorfull just another catering service?

Absolutely not! Traditional catering often results in stale, one-size-fits-all meals. Colorfull lets every individual order their preferred meal, freshly made and tailored to their liking. Imagine a world where everyone at the office gets their top menu pick!

Are there any hidden charges on the menu prices?

Transparency is key for us. If you observe a price mismatch, it's unintentional, and we'd appreciate being informed to address it immediately.

Is there a deadline to change or cancel my order?

For operational efficiency, we lock orders at 10:00 AM. Make sure to finalize before then. We recognize the importance of punctuality, especially during busy workdays. That's why we aim to deliver all meals sharply by 12:30 PM, ensuring a seamless and personalized dining experience right on time for your lunch break.

What measures are taken to ensure food freshness?

Our partnership with local restaurants ensures that every meal is freshly prepared and delivered promptly. The quick turnaround time from kitchen to doorstep ensures maximum freshness.

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