You're in Good Company

Meet Our Team

Garrett, the founder and CEO of Colorfull, has a diverse background in generative AI, enterprise sales, and digital marketing.

Garrett’s passion for health, wellness, and the culinary arts guides the direction and vision of Colorfull, aiming to build a healthier, more connected world.
Garrett Serviss

Co-founder, CEO

Ben is the dynamo propelling our technological advancements. Adept in software development, he steers our engineering division, ensuring seamless integration of cutting-edge solutions.

Ben’s diverse experiences, including his contributions to VR and AR at Texas Tech and his role as a Field Wireman at the United States Marine Corps.
Ben Garrard

Co-founder, Engineering

Our design maestro, Gary, brings life to our vision by crafting exquisite user experiences and shapes the visual journey of our users on every touch point.

A proponent for holistic health, Gary is a long-time Ashtanga yoga practitioner and has devoted the last 10 years to practicing and teaching others the vitality of breaths and mindfulness.
Gary Liu


Dr. Jeffrey Li, Software Engineer at Colorfull, masterfully combines his expertise in medicine with his passion for software development. His approach to code is marked by precision and clarity, a reflection of his medical background.

Outside the realm of technology, Jeffrey is an avid pizza maker and outdoor enthusiast, bringing a diverse and dynamic energy to our team.
Dr. Jeffrey Li


Why Now?

In the midst of a rapidly changing world, our work lives have taken on new dimensions. We now find ourselves working from various places, grabbing whatever we can to satiate our hunger, and more than ever, eating alone by our desks.

It’s easy to forget that the simple act of sharing a meal can still work wonders in bringing us closer. A delightful meal can bridge differences, spark creativity and help us relate to one another.

We, at Colorfull, are inspired by the artisan kitchens that feed our communities each day, and we want to connect their food to the modern workforce.